Rigging equipment

Stunt Rigging has in recent years become a key component of the action filmmaking process. Old “one pulley, one rope” practices have been replaced by high-tech rams, winches, high-load ropes and high-speed pulleys as Macro and Micro Rigging techniques have progressed.
Stunt Riggers in turn are now faced with more than just ‘how to’ questions. They are also responsible for implementing and maintaining the highest levels of safety and accountability in their use of the new technology.
Riggers must understand that as the technology changes, so does the way we do things. Wire rope gets replaced by small synthetic ropes, knots get replaced by high-tech splices and shackles get replaced by super-strong carabiners. All these subtle changes compound into big advances and it’s easy to get left behind.

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Safety lifting gear and equipment for controlled descents. Whether you plan on ziplining, performing at a height, or simply need the equipment necessary to move heavy items safely, Phantomstunts is here to help.

Our rigging gear includes a variety of descent devices, also Harken high-speed pulleys with heavy-duty bearings and swivelling heads. In addition, we offer Fusion, Rock Exotica, CMI, SRT and Petzel products with high kilo newton ratings for maximum safety. We also carry a variety of braided ropes appropriate for descent and rescue situations.

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