Phantom Stunts

Phantom Stunts is a Maltese based, international team of action professionals with over 20 years of stunt-industry experience. We supply industry-leading equipment, facilities and training that enable filmmakers to bring their creative visions and action sequences to life in the safest way possible.


Performer Profile

Gender: Male
Height: 173cm
Weight: 75kg
Physique: Athletic
Hair Colour: Black
Hair Lenght: Buzz Cut
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Afro-European


Born in Malta in 1981, Morgan was a very adventurous child and he was fascinated by the sea. After moving to Canada with his parents for a few years he returned to Malta and joined the Royal Marines Cadets at the age of 13. He enjoyed the military life style and as soon as he turned 18 he enlisted in the Armed Forces of Malta and became a member of the Maritime Squadron`s elite Rapid Deployment Team. During his 12 and a half years service with the Army, Morgan trained locally and overseas with various law enforcement agencies and military forces from around the globe including the US Navy Seals, US Coast Guard USMC, Royal Marines, Italy`s Carabinieri GIS, Battalione San Marco and other NATO Forces. After gaining the trade of Boat Master and also becoming a qualified instructor in Weapons Training, Physical Fitness, Life Saving and Maritime Law Enforcement, he trained other soldiers and was also deployed overseas on Border Control Missions as a Ship Boarding Team Leader Morgan used his military experience that he obtained over the years when he was asked to perform in a Russian Act on feature film which was filmed in Malta in 2008 From that day on he was involved in various productions filmed in Malta, UK, USA, Morocco Iceland, Spain, Italy Germany, France Kenya and South Korea.

Performer Skills

Spoken Languages: English, Italian, Maltese
Athletic Skills: Skateboarding, Parkour, Cycling, Swimming, Obstacle Course Racing, Cross Fit
Performance Skills: Skydiving, Krav Maga, Stage Combat, Motorcyclist, Skipper/Coxswain, Firearms, Diving/High Falls, Scuba Diving, Precision Driver
Work History: Military, Stunts, Acting
Primary Citizenship: Malta
Prior Job Title(s): Actor, Stunt Performer/Coordinator, Military Advisor

Morgan Chetcuti