Phantom Stunts


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Phantom Stunts is a full service company providing the following and more: Action design, Stunt coordinating, Stunt rigging, Fire gel work, Fight choreography, Stunt risk assessments.

Equipment rental – Crash mats, Trampolines, Mini trampolines, Truss rental, Personal stunt gear.

Fully Equipped Space for – Rehearsals, Training, Aerial wire work, Pre-viz work, Photo shoots, Green screen work.

Protection Gear

Gym Equipment

Action Equipment

Providing quality, safe weapons that stage combat and training worthy. Weapons on sets vary. Some are rubber props (used for shots when actors are far in the distance) and others are airsoft guns that fire nonlethal pellets. Often, however, productions use real guns. Studios prefer to digitally create the actual firing in postproduction whenever possible. Prop firearms are either real guns or are specifically made to be blank firing only. Blank ammunition has a cartridge that when fired produces realistic effects such as noise, smoke, a muzzle flash and recoil, they contain gunpowder but does not have a bullet.


For stunt professionals, standard athletic clothing doesn’t provide the protection required to withstand the repeated impact that can occur when performing difficult stunts. This is not the case at Phantom Stunts! Our protective gear is designed with built-in stunt pads to absorb and evenly distribute the force of impact and help you avoid injury. You’re going to love these products if you currently wear rigid body armour when performing stunts. We provide solid & soft armour that molds itself to the contours of the body while retaining the impact resistance that you require.

Gym Equipment

We have a range of gym equipment for use in filming and a wide range of equipment and accessories for use as props for film shoots, television productions and stage shows. We understand that timing is critical for any production and deadlines are often short. We deliver to your film location the day before the shoot and collect the day after to suit you. Daily rates ensure you can budget accurately and we can even carry out a full risk assessment for you should you wish. We can tailor equipment/prop packages to suit your specific requirements so give us a call.